3 Ways To Write Emails Faster!

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Today, I’ll be sharing three hacks you can implement to write faster emails.


Email marketing can be used for branding, engagement, acquisition,
retention, direct sales, reactivation, generating traffic, and getting referrals,
making it one of the most versatile tools any business can use to grow their


Here are 3 ways to juice up your email writing speed:

1. Decide on the angle + subject line in advance

The body of an email flows from the angle and subject line.

So always try to decide on them in advance.

Is it a listicle email?

A controversial email?

Social proof?

If you want to write fast, don’t start until you have these things figured out.

2. Start writing them in your head before you open up a blank doc

You write things in your head before you write them on paper.

(or Google Docs)

So, if you know you’re struggling to crank out email copy with haste…

Start writing them in your head while you’re doing something else.



Working out.


If you’ve got the opener + first 3 — 4 lines already mapped out, polishing off the rest of an email is usually a breeze.

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