Do You Want More Out of Life?

Last week, a younger friend of mine called to ask for some advice on GRIT!

Not that I am an expert on this topic, but I guess you build some of that as you grow older…

Especially if you live and work in Lagos.

I tried to answer him as best as I could.


I feel I should have said more. However, I am learning that sometimes, we need to discover certain things about life ourselves.

A few days later, I came across this wonderful thread by Podcast Notes* on Twitter which encapsulated some of what we discussed and more, and I just knew I had to share it with him, and hopefully, any other person who reads my blog.

So here goes…

Its a list of the top takeaways from the podcast world over the past few months:

  1. On a simple level just try to go to bed smarter every day. This alone will take you very far ( we underestimate the compounding effects of this habit, which is understandable as the world can seem so short-term focused these days).
  2. If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.
  3. Stop competing — Create your own category ( These days, my mantra is obsessing over finding your zone of genius, and continue to strip layers away till its true).
  4. Fair doesn’t exist in the world. If you’re going to obsess over fair, you’ll never get anywhere in life. You basically just have to do the best you can, with the cards you’re dealt with ( Took me years to learn this, but yea, it is what it is).
  5. To increase your chances of becoming rich — become a perpetual learner.
  6. When you do things for their own sake, that’s when you create your best work.
  7. Whatever you start out reading will form the basis for your world view — so make sure your reading foundation is of very high quality.
  8. Some career advice — Find somebody that you can just attach yourself to, that’s incredibly impressive and just learn through osmosis.
  9. Low expectations are the key to happiness ( This is related to the fourth point).
  10. Improving 1% everyday compounds and adds up to a 3780% improvement by the end of the year (This validates the first point about going to bed smarter every day).
  11. A powerful quote — “Ask any of your meditation instructors if they can turn off their thoughts at will” ( Looking forward to the day I'll be able to completely still my thoughts while meditating).
  12. Failure comes from a failure to imagine failure ( Imagining failure can be an amazing mental model; most of us are actually great at imagining failure. It’s how our brain protects us. We can predict what “the worst” will look and feel like. So instead of asking what would make the project a success, ask what could make it fail, you would be amazed at what your brain would spit out).
  13. It’s a superpower to be able to say to yourself — “Do I really need to stay angry about this?”
  14. A conversation tip — Try not to equate your experiences with someone else’s. You really don’t know how they feel even if you think you do.
  15. Go searching for discomfort — that’s where you’re most likely to grow.
  16. Always try to ask yourself how the opposite of your opinion might possibly be true.
  17. The quality of life is at its peak when someone is fully engaged in something.


*Podcast Notes (Podcast Notes) helps you access the best ideas from #NoteWorthy podcasts. In a world of information overload, this is a great handle to follow ( My best Twitter Handle of 2018).

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