How to Get More Clients, Without Spending More on Facebook Ads

How to get more clients

“ Facebook advertising is dead.”

If you believe this, then you might as well accept that Jubril of Sudan is the Nigerian president!

No other platform offers business owners and marketers the audience size and targeting options Facebook has.

You, however, must understand how to take advantage of it…


That would be a topic for another day.

Or a course maybe.

By the way, when you are done reading this, re-read the title again.

Today, I’ll be talking ad angles.

These are the secret sauce to creating high-converting Facebook ads.

Some folks describe the angle as an insight gotten from customer research.

A burning pain that you MUST solve.

These three questions can help you clarify the angle:

What am I supporting the audience with?

What is the solution they need?

If this was a blog post, what would the topic be?

The angle is most often portrayed in the headline as most people don’t read any further.

The angle dictates the flow of the ad, enabling you to create a persuasive ad, draws in your reader, and shows throughout everything from image, copy, and all the way to the landing page.

Once you get clear on the angle, it becomes a lot easier to pick the right image and write the perfect copy as the angle will “direct” you through the overall message of your campaign

Mastering ad angles are what will separate you from the average entrepreneur.


I am about to give you the keys to some effective ad angles built on principles marketers have used since the 1900s.

Did someone say ancient and modern?

Markets might have changed

But human psychology hasn’t changed

Ad Angle #1: The How-To

People don’t like broad explanations; instead, they prefer a step by step explanation of concepts

E.g., How to make money online using copywriting,

They key to this angle is understanding what your clients want.

Ad Angle #2: The Positive minus Negative

This ad angle is like the “How To,” but it includes something that your audience doesn’t like.

Consumer research is critical here to discover a pain point your customer doesn’t want and something they want

E.g., How to get more leads without cold prospecting

How to lose weight, without going to the gym

The key to this angle is to understand what your client wants and doesn’t want.

Ad Angle #3: Steps

Here, we latch on people’s need to be guided and give them steps, so they can achieve what they want.

Remember, people want clear, coherent steps

E.g., five steps to getting more clients

Lose weight with this simple 2-step diet plan

Ad Angle #4; The Secret

Humans are naturally curious.

Throw in fear of missing out.

And you have the perfect recipe for an intriguing Facebook ad.

Now to pull this off successfully, you must understand what makes your ideal prospect tick.

e.g., The secret to getting more high net-worth clients.

This is a straight angle to use.

Ad Angle #5: The Emotional Story

Everyone loves a story, especially a persuasive one.

e.g., My family did not believe in me. They doubted my ability to succeed. Then I…

e.g., The bank was going to repossess my home. I had no money, and the look in my son’s eyes was heartbreaking. Then I…

This ad angle only works if you know your clients well.

It can be one of the most potent ad angles any business can implement.

Ad Angle #6: The Sceptic

This is a powerful tool when you have a warm audience.

People are naturally skeptical, so if you start your ad by acknowledging their skepticism, they ‘ll trust you more, and be less cynical about your message.

e.g., Dan said my course was a scam, until…

e.g., Dapo said he couldn’t believe I could get him leads, until…

The idea here is to get in front of any skepticism and criticism, acknowledge it, and tell a story about how unfounded it is.

Ad Angle #7: Controversy

The idea here is to create attention, by using an influential and controversial headline.


Your prospect will resonate with it, have an emotional reaction.

And then comment, like or share your post/ad.

e.g., The reason most marketers fail.

e.g., Why all men are liars

Have fun with these ad angles.


Always keep your customer in mind.

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