How To Win With Email Marketing

Does email still work?

That is a favorite rhetorical refrain amongst most marketing professionals here in Nigeria.

Yes — it still works…Well.

Email marketing is one of the most affordable ways to assist and expedite a customer’s movement from one stage of the value journey to the next.

One Nigerian brand that understands email marketing is Farmcrowdy (an agric-tech startup); you should sign up to their newsletter and swipe some of their principles.

There are three types of emails that you’ll rely on as an email marketer.

Transactional — to provide customer service.
Relational — to engage subscribers and nurture your relationship with them.
Promotional — for generating sales.

However, email marketing is more than broadcasting an email every time you publish a new blog post.

And it’s more than sending email alerts when you have a promotion or sale.

Its really about building a relationship with your customer…
A key to succeeding with your email campaigns is an in-depth understanding of your audience and the various triggers that can set off a new campaign.

Here are some common triggers:

Signing up a new subscriber
When someone subscribes, you want to automate their welcome and
indoctrination to create a great first impression.

A lead magnet request
Most new subscribers will join your list when they opt-in to get a lead magnet.
Automating delivery ensures they get it within minutes of their request.
Be aware; a new subscriber will likely trigger two automations: subscriber
welcome and lead magnet delivery — both. That’s okay.

An event/webinar registration
If someone registers for an event, set up a confirmation email that gives them
the details they’ll need, including date, time, and any access information.

A purchase
Similarly, if someone makes a purchase, they want confirmation that their order went through. A purchase receipt does just that.
Be aware, though, if they’re not currently a subscriber, their purchase can also
trigger your welcome subscriber automation as well.

Other triggers you can use are:

Clicking a link in a segmentation campaign
Segmenting allows you to customize your emails to each subscriber’s interests.
Their behavior — clicking a link in an email, for example — can be used to
trigger an engagement campaign. This way, people who don’t care about the
topic won’t see the campaign. But everyone who cares, not only recognizes your content, they see your promotion as well.

Cart abandonment
One of the easiest ways to increase customer value is to move people off the
fence just before a purchase. When someone adds products to their cart but
doesn’t complete the transaction, that should trigger a reminder email.

Not engaging with your emails
Re-engagement is how you reactivate subscribers who have stopped
engaging with your emails.

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