Little Known Ways to Learn Complex Concepts Faster


I get it, starting and running a business- is anything but easy.

So many concepts to grasp, memorise, and then put into practice, sometimes almost immediately.

And then there’s the race to profitability.

Pro Tip: Ensure your cash flow is stable before you quit that dreary 9–5 job you detest so much. By cashflow here, I mean the revenues coming in from your new business. Trying to run an online business on ground zero can be a really depressing experience.

The ability to learn quickly and minimize your iteration time is key to ensuring you are prepared to help your business grow as fast as you need.

One great way to approach your learning needs is to view every concept as a process.

When faced with something new and complex, break it down into three simple elements; Inputs, Processing, Outputs.

This helps you gain a high-level view of the concept as an end-to-end process, including what resources are critical to the success ( this could be information, raw materials, time, money, or people), what key calculations or value-added manipulations happen in the middle, and what outputs are generated, and why are they valuable to the very much needed growth of your business.

This simple approach can help you make sense of entire industries, learn new business models, or acquire new skills such as copywriting, digital marketing, and accounting.

The mental model approach to learning can be a very appealing proposition, almost in a seductive kind of way to certain kind of people (it certainly is for me, and I hope for you also).

How hard can it be?

Inputs >>>> Processing >>>> Outputs.

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