Social Media Marketing: 5 Tips to Accelerate your Sales

Do you find social media marketing confusing and overwhelming?

You are not alone.

Let's change that!

Social media is one of the most unpredictable channels at your disposal. But, it is an excellent tool for promoting your goods and services, building brand recognition, and gaining more followers/fans.

But that’s if you are doing it right.

Doing it right means you share the right kind of content.

The right kind of content guarantees you the following benefits:-
- Increased brand awareness.
- It positions you/your brand as a credible expert.
- It tells your brand story.
- It generates a conversation around your brand.
- And most importantly, it increases your sales.

However, creating the right content requires strategy and creativity.

This is where most small business owners struggle as social media can be a very fickle environment. It can be an excellent platform for direct engagement with fans and potential consumers. But on the other hand, it can also be chockful of constant noise that can make it difficult for a brand's message to cut through.

Here are five tips for creating content that cuts through like a hot knife through butter…

  1. Find out who your audience is, and the sort of content they want to consume. 
  2. Spend some money and time on social keyword research – Doing this gives you tons of content ideas that address your audience's needs. 
  3. Develop or purchase a social media content calendar. 
  4. Optimize your copy – good copywriting encourages your audience to take action. 
  5. Lastly, optimize your content calendar for your best-performing content frameworks and formats.

Whether you agree or not, getting content right on social media is a MUST. It is a consistent and sure-fire way of building a brand, not only in substance but in authority.

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